Product Care


 We reccomend cleaning jewellery gentle with a dry microfibre cloth.  Do not use any cleaning products or chemicals. 


We recommend keeping jewellery in the protective bags the jewellery arrives in, or protected where the jewellery is not rubbing up against other pieces. 


All of our gold plated jewellery styles are water resistant. Please note we do not note these as waterproof. Showering, washing hands, exercising in our jewellery will not tarnish he product, however may reduce the life of the product. We advise not to wear jewellery in the shower, or while exercising and to remove rings when washing hands. 

Gold plated jewellery is prone to scratching. We recommend protecting jewellery as much from rubbing as possible to prolong the life of the jewellery.

Keep pieces away from cleaning products, deodorants, creams, makeup and perfumes. 


We offer a 6 week warranty on all of our products. This warranty is valid from  the day that the product is delivered to you, and will be checked in accordance with tracking details if required.   

This warranty protects you against wear, and breakage. If you are not happy with the wear of your Sota Collective products please contact us at with images of your worn products. If item is confirmed faulty you will be eligible for a full refund including shipping cost, or a credit for the full amount including the shipping cost.